Almost one.

After another month of sleeplessness, we are almost at the 11 month mark here, and almost at Ella’s first birthday.

When the teething issues started in January, I thought it would be shorted lived, but yet here I am still typing with these same bleerey eyes. We had another really bad night last night where Ella woke every hour until half 4 in the morning. She has been a bit off side with a cold but I fear it might be another tooth.

Ella had six teeth in total now. Two at the bottom and four at the top. Not one tooth had gone unoticed though, each one costing us about two weeks worth of bad sleep. Not sure which ones are due next but I am sure we will soon find out!

Teething aside, Ella is still cruising like a pro and has come along leaps and bounds. She understands a few words and responds to her own name. She eats a few bits of finger food including toast and sandwiches and fruit. She loves playing hide and seek and spent about 40 minutes playing by herself in a box at grandma’s house a few weeks back.

To say that this year has gone fast is an understatement. I have organised childcare for when I go back to work now and have to start planning her first birthday party on May 20. Her birthday is May 17 but we are going to have a little party at the weekend instead.

She is still drinking three 7oz bottles a day, though she tends to only drink about 5 in the morning. She is still taking two naps a day. These vary from 40 minutes to 2 hours. I guess it depends how well she slept the night before. Usually she doesn’t sleep well and has big naps to compensate.

She has turned into a bit of a mummy’s girl and only wants to fall asleep on me and just cries and cries when daddy tries to sooth her. This started back in January and – dispite trying several techniques to teach her to ‘self sooth’ – we haven’t managed to find a way around it.

We have had a lovely time in the garden over the past month. A bit of sunshine makes a big difference and we have spent a few afternoons playing in the sun tent or under the blossom tree.

The next big milestone will be walking! It won’t be long I can tell. This morning she managed a few really good steps whilst holding my hands. She was so pleased with herself!

I am going to try and keep posting a few more bits on here but I struggle because I am so sleepy all the time. One day she will just fall asleep at 7.30pm and stay asleep for the night I am  sure. In your own time Ella, in your own time!

We’re going to the Cotswolds next week with my in-laws too and am really looking forward to the break. I probably won’t get any more sleep than usual but at least it is a change to our usual routine.


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