Marvelous May

So, it’s May. The month that our baby girl turns one and a very sunny start we’ve had so far. I can remember this time last year like it was yesterday. The trepidation, the anxiety and the excitement! Waiting in the sunny back garden for a sign that it was going to happen soon. Way past my due date and still no signs.

My due date was May 4th, or Star Wars day as known by some. It soon came and went and I was left hanging about my house desperate for something to happen. I remember everything so clearly.

This month is a little bitter sweet though, it’s the end of an era, the end of the glory days and, almost, the end of my maternity leave. 

I shall not waste another moment. Hip pain aside (left over PSD pain), I WILL do everything I want to do in my final few weeks with Ella. The sun is going to help a lot with being outside. Spring walks here we come! 

We tried a different swimming centre this week and oh what fun we had! Ella got a bit upset at one of the water fountains, but apart from that we had a ball. It was jam packed with other mums and their babies too, which is always very reassuring. We will definitely be going back.

I have done a few bits of party prep, trying to get organised is hard when you have a baby to look after, but I have a good stash of goodies for the big day now. I just gave to find a cake and a present! I think we are going to get a trike. We had s look at a few today and even tried one out.

I hope to get another blog post in before Ella’s birthday, but for now I would just like to cherish these last few weeks with my baby (under one)! 

Love you Ella xxx


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