Marvelous May

So, it's May. The month that our baby girl turns one and a very sunny start we've had so far. I can remember this time last year like it was yesterday. The trepidation, the anxiety and the excitement! Waiting in the sunny back garden for a sign that it was going to happen soon. Way … Continue reading Marvelous May


Almost one.

After another month of sleeplessness, we are almost at the 11 month mark here, and almost at the Ella's first birthday. When the teething issues started in January, I thought it would be shorted lived, but yet here I am still typing with these same bleerey eyes. We had another really bad night last night … Continue reading Almost one.

The breast way…

On May 17th 2016 at 5pm Ella was born and my first ever breastfeeding experience started immediately after. The midwife put her straight on my left breast and I never looked back. My breastfeeding journey had been filled with happiness, love and comfort and I cannot speak highly enough of it or recommend it more. … Continue reading The breast way…

Halfway to one.

Just lately I feel like alot has changed in the world of Ella. She's eating solids, sleeping in her own room, loving the big pram and almost sleeping through the night. We still have a baby on our hands but gone are the newborn months and she's really starting to show her cheeky personality. We've … Continue reading Halfway to one.

Baby eats.

We are almost two weeks into weaning baby Ella and what a lovely time it has been so far. We've had baby rice, banana, carrot, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, apple and parsnip so far and she only turned her nose up once (and that was at broccoli so I don't blame her at all!) As a … Continue reading Baby eats.


When I head out with baby Ella in the car these days I head straight to a baby change because, it's almost certain that, she will have done a huge poo. Maybe it's the position she sits in in the car seat, it is kind of similar to a squat? Or maybe is the moving … Continue reading Pants!